Wright Commercial Lawn Mowers now in St. Louis

St. Louis Equipment is proud to announce that we are now a Wright Commercial Lawn Mower Dealer. St. Louis Equipment will carry the full line of Wright mowers. Wright makes a variety of great commercial lawn mowers including, stand on mowers, walk behind mowers and commercial riding mowers. Wright Commercial Lawn Mowers are durable, versatile, and stand up to anything you throw at them.


The Wright Stander is a versatile mower that allows lawn care companies to mow more grass easier and faster. The Wright Stander comes in a variety of deck sizes, so you are able to find the right mower for your needs.
Deck sizes are: 32”, 36”, 48”, 52”, 61” and 72”


32 and 36 inch Wright Stander mowers are perfect for fitting through gates and tight spaces that larger commercial mowers cannot fit. This size of mower allows lawn care companies to mow back yards and smaller areas faster than push mowers.

48, 52, and 61 inch Wright stander mowers are perfect for finish mowing and making the average to large size lawns look great. The speed and versatility of the stander will help companies become more efficient at mowing lawns.

72 inch Wright Stander is the ideal mower for mowing large open spaces. This mower will cover ground and mow large areas as fast as anything on the market.

Commercial Walk Behind Mowers

Wright walk behind mowers are perfect for when you need a versatile mower that needs to be light on the turf. The Wright walk behind mowers allow operators to navigate hills and delicate turf with precision. The controls on the walk behind commercial mowers are easy to use and control vibration to your hands. Wright commercial walk behind mowers come in a variety of deck sizes so you are able to find the perfect mower that fits your needs for mowing the wide variety of lawns in St. Louis. Deck Sizes are: 32”, 36”, 48”, 52”, and 61”


Commercial Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Wright commercial riding mowers allow your company to mow large areas of turf without breaking a sweat. The Mid-mount Z mowers are fast and super durable. Wright manufactures this mower with some of the biggest hydro pumps on the market. This allows you to cut faster and your mower will hold up longer.

Wright designed this commercial riding mower with a low center of gravity to give it optimal control. Wright Mid-Mount Z mowers come in a variety of deck sizes so you can find the perfect mower for the job. The zero-turn deck sizes are: 48”, 52”, and 61”

Wright Manufacturing makes top of the line equipment. The mowers are the most durable mowers on the market. Wright makes commercial mowers to last. No other mower will outperform a Wright commercial lawn mower.

Come in or give St. Louis Equipment a call today to demo a Wright mower. We would be happy to show what an advantage mowing with a Wright mower will give you. Wright makes mowers that are perfect for the variable St. Louis terrain. We promise, there is a Wright mower for you.

Parts and Service

St. Louis Equipment carries or can order everything you need for your Wright mower. We carry a wide variety of common parts and if we don’t have it, we can order a part and have it here in a couple of days.

St. Louis Equipment services all Wright mowers. We can fix and repair your Wright mower should anything ever happen to it. We also repair and maintain all brands of commercial lawn care equipment.