D'ttach Pile Driver Leaf Plow

D’ttach Pile Driver Leaf Plow

The Pile Driver Leaf Plow by D’ttach Manufacturing is the ultimate leaf moving tool. The pile driver leaf plow easily mounts on the front of your mower and turns your mower into a leaf removal machine.

The Pile Driver Leaf Plow is made from heavy steel and heavy duty aluminum and is the only leaf plow on the market with down pressure to prevent the plow to riding up on piles.

The spring loaded plow rides on a set of flat free caster wheels to move with the terrain and prevent gouging in the lawn. The plow has a transport mode which makes it easier to load on and off trailers and transport from place to place with ease.

Mounts easily to the D’ttach mounting system, and interchangeable with other D’ttach products. You can also attach a power rake, carry barrel, mower jack and more.

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