Pre-emergent fertilizer

Pre Emergent Fertilizer

St. Louis Equipment carries a wide range of professional fertilizers and grass seed in South County, MO.

We have pre emergent fertilizer in 50 lb bags in stock. Now is the time to get the pre emergent down on your lawn. We carry only commercial quality products.

Timing, above all else is the most important factor in using pre-emergent treatments. Waiting too late to treat your lawn properly will still result in crab grasses and other weeds infiltrating their way into your grass despite the amount treatment you apply to abate this.  And NOW is the time to get the pre emergent down on your lawn.

With a pre-emergent the weed will only be killed when it begins to sprout from the seed and hits the herbicide barrier. It is possible for seeds to remain dormant and not be harmed by the pre-emergent herbicide application. This is why weed control is a constant process. There will always be seeds under the surface and a portion will germinate each season. Annual applications must be made to significantly reduce large infestations.

Remember, pre-emergent herbicide can affect desirable plants. That includes¬†turf. Caution must be taken if you’re applying pre-emergent and seeding the turf in the same season. Seed first, then apply pre-emergent at least 6 weeks later to allow for lawn establishment. Or seed at least 3 months after the pre-emergent has been applied.

St. Louis Equipment also carries a wide variety of grass seed for your lawn. We have Rhizomatous Fescue, (fescue with rhizomes), Turf type tall fescue, Perennial Rye Grass and Kentucky Bluegrass seed.

St. Louis Equipment also carries a wide range of weed control products.
We have all of your turf care needs covered.

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