Wright Mid Mount Z

Wright 61″ Mid Mount Z (MMZ)

Wright Commercial Products are famous for inventing and perfecting the Stand-on mower, but Wright also manufactures fantastic sit down Z mowers, and walk behind commercial mowers.

From Wright:

“Wright Mid-Mount Z™ performs at an exceptionally high level at a much lower weight. It’s up to 300 pounds lighter than the industry average which will save your turf from any damage that it might encounter with its competitors. It also makes transporting this mower much easier for lawn care professionals. Its lightweight design also gives users more agility which makes handling tighter areas more easily and quickly. This is in part because the Mid-Mount Z™ is 3″ shorter than the industry average. This means that other mowers in the Z’s category are much bulkier and more difficult to navigate. The low center of gravity ensures that navigability is never a problem while mowing a lawn with the Mid Mount Z™.

This ride-on mower is truly a miracle of engineering that offers all of these agile benefits while boasting the highest level of power. The Wright Z™ comes with a 25.5 or 27.0 horsepower engine while the Wright ZTO™ uses a 22, 23.5 or 25 horsepower engine. To add to the speed and power, the Mid-Mount Z™ uses a large hydro pump which not only increases its pace, but does so at a much cooler temperature. Once you try this mower on a big, sprawling lawn, you’ll see why it has a reputation in the lawn care business as being a workhorse.”

Come in and check out one of the best Z Mowers on the market.   St. Louis Equipment is the only Wright Mower dealer in the St. Louis area and we have what you need in stock.